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hen through furthe▓r communications, families can be reunited if ther▓e is a proper match.Fu Gu, 33, from Chongqing is one s▓uccess story. He was abducted at 6

-years-old and he uploa▓ded his photo on the Website. On April 1, he met his biological parents after DNA testing confirmed the match.Support system for familiesThe sad truth about China is that abductions have become a widespread social problem and many fear ab▓ductions could increase since

a number▓ of criminal gangs getting involved with kidnappings either force families to pay ransoms or▓ sell children to other families.Reportedly, motorcycle gangs are known to roll into pu

issing children.The missin

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POST DATE: 10-10-2021
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POST DATE: 05-10-2021
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hem and roll out within minutes. They tr▓ansport them into cars, where the children get delivered

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to a different Chinese city to be sold.Some kidnapping gangs, who were arrested, have

inform▓ed officials that the usual rate for selling a child to▓ another family is valued at approximately $US50,000 (RMB300-350,000).Child traffickers prefer to steal boy▓s, since Chinese culture favors families raising males ▓over females. Hence, Chinese cops need

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